About Us


For thousands of years, Lions have captured our imagination.  These beautiful creatures have been a significant symbol of Royalty, Dignity, Strength, Bravery and Deathless Courage throughout the different cultures of the world.  To be called Lionhearted, it is to describe a courageous and brave person.  To lionize someone, is to treat that person with great interest and importance.

Most popularly, Lions have been associated with Royalty; hence, our mission is born, to spread the abundant lifestyle and outlook of the Royals to every single person on this planet. That is where the movement is born. The Lion seen as the lord of the land, a supreme being without likeness, which represents all that is Majestic and Grandeur. Because of its noble character, the Lion is the favorite symbol of Leaders, Warriors and Emperors alike.

However, illegal hunting and human interference has caused these majestic animals to lose habitat, therefore their population has decreased dramatically. Sanctuaries and Conservations have done all they can to save them but more needs to be done. We want to provide a safe habitat for Big Cats, such as Lions, Tigers, Cougars, Jaguars, Leopards, Cheetahs etc., around the world by donating portion of our proceeds at year-end to sanctuaries and conservations in Central Russia (Siberia), South Africa and South America.

The Three Main Organization that will receive donation from us are:

World Conservation Society, Russia

The Kevin Richardson Wildlife Sanctuary, South Africa

Jaguar Conservation Fund, South America

The Lion knows how to get what it wants, and they most certainly get what they want. Now, it’s time for you to decide, are you a part of this movement?